What is Verse City?

Verse City is a program aimed at getting racialized and marginalized youth interested in pursuing careers in news media. The program specifically targets youth from Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods who face multiple barriers to education, employment and access to community services.

Our goal is to share the tools and skills necessary to participate in the process of producing journalism.

Through the Verse City program, we hope to break down barriers and develop greater access to university education and participation in the field of journalism for marginalized youth.

This website was created as a sandbox for Verse City volunteers and mentors and documents some of the process of putting together the summer camps and workshops. To see the official Verse City website, hosted at the Ryerson School of Journalism, go to: VERSE CITY.

Verse City Workshop

The Ryerson School of Journalism is proud to partner with the Violence Intervention Project (VIP) at East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) to help build and create the Verse City Workshop – a series of workshops held both at EMYS and at Ryerson culminating in a five day long summer intensive multimedia camp.

The VIP program has so far produced a newspaper (the VIP Voice) and a magazine (Say Word)

Please take a look at the summer camp schedule for a breakdown of activities and events.


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